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Nick Stergiou

Commercial Producer / Production Supervisor
Hello there!

I'm a Commercial Producer and Production Supervisor based out of New York, NY. I work in LA too! I think I'm pretty good at what I do. And dog-gone-it... People like me! These days I work on a bunch of union and non-union projects with various AICP and digital content production companies. Companies like Smuggler, Raucous Content, Believe Media, Tool of North America, O Positive, Digital Kitchen, and CMS Productions just to name a few. Balancing AICP budgets, working with directors and agency Producers, handling payroll--it's what I do!

I believe that if you work hard and treat people kindly, AMAZING things will happen. So far it has. For fifteen years now I have surrounded myself with the greatest crew in the world and I can't get enough of it. Sometimes the industry could be stressful--you won't see that on me.

A little back-story: I was born in NYC, but raised just north of Los Angeles in Bakersfield. Yeah THAT Bakersfield. You've probably driven passed it and smelled it. After experiencing 100+ degree weather every summer, I felt like it was time to go back to the East Coast. In 2005 I relocated to NYC in 2005 for college at NYU. I got myself a Communication degree from NYU and minored in Producing. After college, I had a short stint at the Mayor's office of Film, Television, and Broadcasting helping with permits which let me to work in film, tv, commercials, events, and photoshoots. I eventually found my stride in commercials big and small.

If you're are an EP or HoP and need a Line Producer in NYC, give me a call! I Production Supervisor union jobs as well. We'll keep organized, stay on budget, and I promise we'll have some fun on the way!

Take care!

Nick Stergiou
Producer / Production Supervisor

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