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This is my friend Elmo. We met in 2011 when I was working at Sesame Street. This is us after we wrapped a fun educational shoot for "Hi Ho Kids"

This is me with the 2024 Made in NY Production Assistant Graduates! I was fortunate to be invited to participate in a "Speed Connect" event with guest of Honor NYC Film Commissioner Pat Swinney Kaufman. These passionate PAs are ready to work on your projects too!


Nick Stergiou

Producer / Production Supervisor
New York City / Los Angeles



I'm Nick Stergiou, a Commercial Producer and Production Supervisor based in New York City. I also work in Los Angeles! I'm passionate about what I do and have had the pleasure of collaborating on both union and non-union commercial projects. I have worked with such clients such as Apple, Nike, New York Presbyterian, Sesame Street, Netflix Marketing, and much more. I have worked with top award winning production companies such as Smuggler, Division7, Believe Media, MJZ, RSA, Moxie Pictures, and Tool of North America just to name a few.


My work involves managing budgets from prep to wrap, collaborating with directors and agency producers' visions, and staffing up projects from coast to coast. I try to surround myself with kind professional people but I firmly believe that if you work hard and you’re kind then amazing things will happen (that's a quote from Conan O'Brien, a leading Producer that I have always admired). My 15+ year journey in this industry has been a testament to that belief. Despite the stresses, I always maintain a positive attitude and love being surrounded by talented crews in places all over the country.


A bit about me: Though I was born in Queens New york, I grew up just north of Los Angeles in Bakersfield (yes, that Bakersfield!). After enduring scorching summers of my childhood and quarantining myself in the back of our family bagel shop, I returned to the East Coast where I earned a Communication degree with a minor in Producing at NYU. My career path led me through various roles in film, TV, commercials, events, and photoshoots, ultimately finding my passion in commercials of all sizes. It started off at the Mayor’s office of Film as an intern helping Location Managers secure permits and promote the Made in NY Production Assistant Training program--a program similar to Streetlights in LA that is dedicated to training and job placement to low-income New Yorkers Promote diversity within New York City's entertainment production workforce. Afterwards, I somehow (and quite literally) found out how to get to Sesame Street where I worked as Coordinator for 4 seasons, PM'd several seasons of The Amazing Race, and eventually worked my way from box truck PA on many many commercials to Line Producer. The story continues!


So if you're an EP or HoP in need of a dedicated Line Producer in NYC or require a strong Production Supervisor who knows all the union rules, then feel free to reach out! I'm dedicated to keeping projects organized, on budget, and ensuring we have a great time along the way!

Coming soon - My social media Director reel! Stay tuned!


Best regards,

Nick Stergiou

Producer / Production Supervisor

This is Mo. She's one of my "Ride or Dies". You mess with her YOU MESS WIT ALL OF US! /thick NY accent

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