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​About Us >

Gripdr is a new online dating website and app designed to help meet film crew from all over the world.

Our Vision >

On Gripdr, everyone is above the line. We all know how hard it is to date in the industry with 12+ hours day. Gripdr is here to help you balance your shooting schedule with your romantic life. We pair you up with crew from your desired departments and find compatibility based on your schedule and theirs.

Success Stories >

Sasha & Anthony

Jason & Molly

Tom & Lisa

"As a 1st AD, I thought I'd never date a DP. After my first date with Brad, he finally helped me understand the the importance of waiting long for the next shot."
-Sasha, 1st AD

"She was a caterer and. I was a teamster. My hours are insane but on rigging days she let's me visit her on set for lunch. It's a like a new first date every day!"
-Jason, Rigging Truck

“I noticed her as a stand-in who was much more attractive than the principal. I never had the guts to approach her, and Central Casting wouldn't give me her number. Fortunately, I saw on her on here and she felt the same way about me! Could you believe she was a PHD student too?!"
-Tom, PA

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